👀 First Look at Monsta Party Fusion

Posted by: MonstaCorp on July 14, 2023

Speculation has been running wild for months as holders have anticipated more information on this closely guarded feature!

Get ready to explore the innovative world of Monsta Party Fusion, a game-changing feature that allows gen-0 NFT holders to fuse their existing NFTs together, unlocking a world of possibilities and creating unique, rare creations!

In this article, we’ll provide you with an exclusive first look at Monsta Party Fusion and what it means for our dedicated community 🥳

Embrace the Power of Fusion

Evolving Possibilities

Monsta Party Fusion introduces a thrilling evolution of your NFT collection. By fusing two gen-0 NFTs, you can combine their PXP value and generate an all-new NFT. This fused NFT will possess traits inherited from the original NFTs, with the exciting chance of acquiring brand new traits or even a super rare legendary! It’s an opportunity to witness your NFTs transform and discover hidden treasures within your collection. One of the additional benefits of Fusion is that it brings you even closer to minting a gen-1 NFT! As you fuse your gen-0 NFTs together, you not only create unique combinations but you also potentially get closer to that 10k pxp minting threshold!

A Deflationary Ecosystem

Monsta Party Fusion goes beyond just creating new NFTs. It actively contributes to the soon-to-be deflationary nature of the Monsta Party ecosystem, increasing the reward value for active players!

During the fusion process, a gen-0 NFT and a portion of the total PXP will be burned, ensuring scarcity and driving value for the remaining NFTs. This deflationary mechanism sets the stage for a flourishing marketplace, where rarity is cherished and rewarded 🤯

Enriching the Community 🤑

At Monsta Party, we believe in the strength of our community. The fusion fees collected during the process will be used to support the Monsta Party treasury for ongoing development. In addition, a portion of these fees will be reserved for exploring the creation and offering of exciting rewards exclusively for gen-1 NFT holders! (TBD). This commitment to the community ensures that everyone benefits from the fusion process and encourages continued participation in the Monsta Party ecosystem.

Unveiling the Future

A Glimpse into the Journey

We want to emphasize that this article provides only a first look at Monsta Party Fusion. Aspects and mechanics are still under development and subject to change. We are diligently working to perfect the fusion experience and will release additional details, including fusion fees, PXP transfer mechanics, and new traits, in the near future.

In addition to MP Fusion, we’re also actively exploring additional features and improvements to increase the deflation of PXP, further adding value to remaining active participants. Some options we’re currently looking at are a burn/reduction to PXP won during Rob-a-Monsta sessions, a new PXP lottery, purchasable power-ups, and more! Stay tuned for upcoming announcements and timelines as we prepare to unveil them in the near future!

Benefits for the User/Holder:

  • Enhanced NFT Collection: New traits and possible combinations unlock unlimited possibilities!
  • Increased Value and Rarity: The new deflationary nature of the Monsta Party ecosystem helps to ensure scarcity and drive up the value of remaining NFTs. This rarity adds prestige and potential value to the user’s collection.
  • Exciting Discovery and Transformation: Witnessing your NFTs transform through fusion is exciting! There is a chance to acquire brand new traits or even obtain a super rare legendary NFT. This adds an element of surprise and intrigue, making each fusion a unique adventure.
  • Progress Towards Gen-1 NFTs: Fusion brings users closer to minting a gen-1 NFT.
  • New Rewards: The fusion fees collected during the process support the Monsta Party treasury, enabling ongoing development and improvements. Additionally, a portion of these fees are earmarked for offering exclusive rewards for gen-1 NFT holders! (TBD)
  • Thriving Marketplace: Fusion contributes to a flourishing marketplace where rarity is highly cherished and rewarded. As the ecosystem becomes more deflationary, the value of NFTs is expected to increase, creating a dynamic and rewarding marketplace for users.


Monsta Party Fusion is set to revolutionize the way you engage with your NFT collection and will change the entire MP ecosystem! Prepare to unlock new possibilities, witness the birth of unique creations, and contribute to the deflationary nature of Monsta Party!

This first look at Monsta Party Fusion is just the beginning of an exciting journey that awaits our community. Stay connected, remain enthusiastic, and get ready to fuse your way into a whole new world of NFT magic with Monsta Party!

Be sure to join the NFT Holder chat in our discord for sneak peeks, early news, updates, and more!

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