Birthday Burn Celebrations! — MONSTA turns One Year Old 🎈

Posted by: MonstaCorp on June 10, 2022

Burn baby burn! It’s a MONSTA inferno! 🎵

It’s hard to believe that in a few days (June 19) MONSTA will be celebrating his very first birthday! We’ve accomplished so much together over the past year, none of which would have been possible to do without the amazing support of our Community, Team members, and Partners all around the world! 🙏

Get ready to dust off your party hats, because in true MONSTA fashion, we’ll be busting out all the stops of our crazy journey in a grandiose birthday burn-themed extra-long celebration, containing multiple events stretched over several days!

What's happening during the celebrations?

  • Burn Portal Party
  • Monsta Party Mosaic NFT Auction
  • Birthday Burn Live Stream with DJ Tripped Monsta
  • Fire in the Kitchen
  • High Roller/Mass Cake Toss
  • Record breaking Rob a Monsta Raid
  • Some extra surprises we haven’t announced yet 😉

IMPORTANT: Only follow instructions that come from our official social media accounts! No one from the Cake Monster or Monsta Party team will ever message you privately, ask you to connect your wallet to any unknown sites or apps, or provide your seed phrase or private key! No one should ever ask you for these! Be aware of scammers and stay safe!

MONSTA Burn Portal Party 🔥

We’re cranking up the temperature in MONSTA’s kitchen with the opening of our brand new Burn Portal!! Sacrifice your wee MONSTA to the mighty devil and get a chance of high prizes! Muhahaha! 🔥😈🔥

This experimental section of the Cake Monster dApp is available before and during the birthday celebrations (and maybe for future events if y’all like it) and allows you to burn and sacrifice a selected amount of MONSTA tokens in exchange for entries into a big prize pool of more than 15 million bMONSTA!

How it Works

  • Burn 20,000 MONSTA tokens, receive 1 entry into the 150,000 bMONSTA prize drawing. 15 winners will be randomly selected for a total of 2.25 million bMONSTA.
  • Burn 40,000 MONSTA tokens, receive 1 entry into the 300,000 bMONSTA prize drawing. 10 winners will be randomly selected for a total of 3 million bMONSTA.
  • Burn 100,000 MONSTA tokens, receive 1 entry into the 1 million bMONSTA prize drawing. 3 winners will be randomly selected for a total of 3 million bMONSTA.
  • Burn 300k MONSTA tokens, receive 1 entry into the 2 million bMONSTA prize drawing. 2 winners will be randomly selected for a total of 4 million bMONSTA.
  • Burn 500,000 MONSTA tokens, receive 1 entry into the 3 million bMONSTA prize drawing. 1 winner will be randomly selected for a total prize of 3 million bMONSTA.

NOTE: If a minimum total burn amount of 10 million MONSTA is not reached at the time the Burn Portal Party closes (during our live stream event), the prize pool will be cancelled and all participants will get their MONSTA with an interest of 5% refunded from the community wallet! All of the collected MONSTA in the burner wallet will still be burrrrned!! 🔥

STRETCH GOAL: If a minimum of 20 million MONSTA is reached, all winners will receive a 10% bonus!

Total Prize Pool: 15.25 million bMONSTA (+10% Bonus if stretch goal reached!) 🤑

🔥 Sacrifice your MONSTAs here! 🔥

🔥 Check the Burn Portal status here! 🔥

NOTE: Burns must be done in a single transaction and ARE NOT cumulative. (Meaning if someone burns 2x 20k MONSTA, they are entered 2 times into the 150k prize drawing and not 1 time into the 300k prize drawing)

Monsta Party Mosaic NFT Auction 🛒

Join our official NFT auction for your chance to get this one of a kind Monsta Party Mosaic NFT which comes with a plethora of additional benefits!! This NFT was planned from the beginning so that we would have something very special for you after the launch of Monsta Party.

Now is the time to get it out there and utilize it for the benefit of the entire Cake Monster community!

Original Size
300% Zoom
400% Zoom

As many of you may recall, all 10,000 Monsta Party NFTs when put together in numerical order, result in this amazing Monsta Mosaic you see above! Take a look for yourself, explore the NFT and even find your very own Monsta Party NFT within!

When the auction is made live (watch for the announcement in the upcoming days!) you’ll have until June 19th, 2022 to place your bid!

The highest bidder at the close of the auction will get to receive this unique “one of one” NFT, which comes with a great number of additional benefits!

The highest bidder will receive

  • This ultra rare Monsta Mosaic NFT.
  • A physical high quality aluminum print of the Mosaic NFT including frame (100x100cm) shipped to you!
  • Monsta Party Plushie (Space Launch replica) including bonus surprise merch!
  • A free Gen1 Monsta Party NFT Upgrade.
  • Lifetime access to the Monsta Party Arcade with the Mosaic NFT!
  • Future Omni chain compatibility — a Monsta Party first!!
  • A monthly reward of bMONSTA sent to your wallet (for the next 12 months) if your winning bid was higher than 30 BNB
    Bid 30+ BNB, receive 300,000 bMONSTA per month.
    Bid 40+ BNB, receive 400,000 bMONSTA per month.
    Bid 50+ BNB, receive 500,000 bMONSTA per month, and so on.
    The reward is capped at 1.5 million bMONSTA per month, for a bid of 150+ BNB.
  • A 3D printed MONSTA replica, a custom MONSTA coin, and a Cake Monster winner trophy for a minimum bid of 200 BNB.
  • A legendary Monsta Party NFT (Doge Monsta) for a minimum bid of 250 BNB.
  • An instant bMONSTA reward of 6.9M for a minimum bid of 300 BNB.

Check out the auction here
Monsta Party Mosaic Special — Monsta Party Specials #3 —

Birthday Burn Stream 🎧

It wouldn’t be a party without some great music and we’re hyped to have our resident DJ Tripped Monsta in the house again, to host a special live stream event for our community! This will be a great time to express our birthday gratulations to MONSTA and pop some bottles together! 🍾


Sunday, June 19th at 18:00 UTC, join us LIVE on our YouTube channel, where DJ Tripped Monsta will spin a live electronic set and some brand new songs from the Birthday Cake EP to be released on Spotify the same day!

In addition, we will see the winner of the EP album cover contest announced, host some trivia questions, reminisce some of the best Cake Monster moments from the last year, run some random giveaways, and much more!

Another Fire in the Kitchen! 🔥

With all that added heat and sweet beats, it was only a matter of time before another fire started up in the Monsta Kitchen, and this one is going to be massive! 🤯

Participate in special MONSTA trivia during the live stream for your chance to win a whitelist spot for the Fire in the Kitchen burn!!

In total, 10 lucky winners will get to burn a collective total of 69,420,000 MONSTA tokens and earn some sweet rewards for their contribution!!

Also taking place during the live stream event

  • Gen0 Monsta Party NFT giveaway to a random lucky live stream participant!
  • All MONSTA collected via the Burn Portal will be burned and announced during the stream event.
  • The first of several Buy and Burn’s from the BNB collected from the NFT auction will be done live during the stream event*

How much MONSTA will be burned by the end of the stream? Be sure to tune in and find out! It’s going to be an event you won’t want to miss!

Terms and Conditions

  • Proceeds collected from the auction will be used to Buy & Burn MONSTA.
  • 5% of all proceeds go to Tofu for their platform fee.
  • The bidding starts at 20 BNB and all unique bidders (apart from the winner) will receive a 200,000 bMONSTA reward for their participation, if their bid was higher than 30 BNB.
  • Moreover, thanks to Tofu’s auction system, the user that gets outbid and falls to second place, receives 5% of the winning bid amount as a consolation.
  • The Mosaic NFT is minted on the Binance Smart Chain. We’re still exploring Omnichain functionalities but should an upgrade occur, the Mosaic NFT will be eligible for this free upgrade.
  • If the legendary MP NFT stretch goal is reached, 25 BNB from the raised funds will be used to buy and bake MONSTA by the original owner.
  • The winner will have to get in touch with our mods on discord or telegram, so we can start organizing all the physical rewards.
  • If the NFT gets sold or transferred, the monthly reward will follow the new owners wallet. In the event a user loses access to their wallet, is a victim of fraud, etc. the reward payments will be canceled.
  • Auctions on tofuNFT marketplace are automatically extended by 10mins each time a bid is placed. Should the auction not end in time before or during the live stream, the winner and BBB will be announced afterwards. Read the complete details about tofu’s unique auction system here

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