Cake Monster for Good — Phase 1

Posted by: MonstaCorp on March 10, 2022

Feed The World!

Today we are happy to announce the launch of “Cake Monster For Good” — a charity initiative that has been an item on our roadmap since inception.

The project roadmap initially specified a much later date for this initiative, but global events have exacerbated and brought into greater focus the urgent need for food in the world — and the Monsta community is determined to respond!

The Mission

United in utter dismay at the reality of the millions of people around the world facing food insecurity — particularly due to supply chain disruptions and C-19 restrictions — the community was determined to join existing forces in an effort to do something about it. As the MONSTA protocol eats digital assets and grows its financial reserves — we’ll expand our reach, feeding more and more hungry people, until one day, food insecurity will be a worry of the past.

Currently, the Project Team and supporting community members are looking at multiple avenues for generating on-chain revenue for these endeavours . This will ensure that, just as the protocol is sustainable (volume harvesting, hyper deflationary, elastic supply and cyclical,) so too are our Philanthropy initiatives, such as Cake Monster For Good.

The Personal Touch

Great things require strong foundations, so our aim will be to start small and in a direct way. We’ll build upon these foundational efforts building reputation, partners and learning how best to deploy these resources to maximize their effectiveness and impact in pursuit of our objectives.

We will be having a direct communication with all who we help feed. We want this to be personal. We want to ensure that the aid is going to a good and beneficial cause that is tangible. We won’t be making blind donations to blackbox charities, hoping that they put the effort in for us.

How it Works

Effective immediately, members of the Cake Monster team and wider community will be looking to help the most vulnerable individuals, families or groups round the world who are in urgent need of food, livestock, or preparation and harvesting tools.

We’ll provide the necessary financial resources to procure the help and resources that people need. In return, they will be asked to verify this support via photographic or video evidence. This is a necessary step in building trust and reputation for the project, and to minimize any potential risk of exploitation to the project. We will start slowly, and expand in a conscious and deliberate way.

Methods of Assistance

Collected revenue for donations will be deployed in one of the following methods:

  • One-to-One
  • One-to-Many
  • One-to-All

One to One (O2O)

Phase 1 of the CMFG initiative will focus on “one to one” (O2O) support methods. This will be achieved by the project team and community members working directly with individuals in their local areas of need.

The Steps…
Community members can nominate someone they know in need, or those in need can apply directly themselves by completing the application form here
2. Each recipient will be asked to provide a little information about their situation and why they could use the support. 
3. Once approved, each aid recipient will receive funds for securing and purchasing much needed food supplies. 
4. 50% of the available funds will be provided up front to purchase food
5. The recipient provides proof of purchase and receives the remaining balance.

This allows for transparency and trust while allowing the community to see the impact their help is having first hand.

The aim is to help the most vulnerable, children in particular, and will begin happening as soon as possible, wherever the community is able to identify the need.

Once O2O is running smoothly, “One-to-Many” will begin. We already have some connections in this area (which requires additional care and logistical support), but we are starting small, proving ourselves, and building from there.

In the future, particularly for these bigger initiatives, donations will be greatly appreciated, though the Cake Monster protocol will do its part.


There are many charities that are dedicated to feeding the hungry and the world would be a much darker place without their enduring efforts. But they require help.

Within a huge number of people around the world, there resides a powerful desire to give and to share what they have with those less fortunate than themselves. The Cake Monster community will add to these voices and rise up to meet this mountainous challenge. Our protocol is Mighty and #TheBeastOfBSC is hungry. Together, perhaps the mountain can be conquered once and for all. 💪

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