Cake Monster — QA #1

Posted by: MonstaCorp on May 17, 2021

Today we would like to address any concerns and questions asked in regards to the usage of the Cake Monster pre-sale funds and other related topics. We will break it down for you in detail and have also updated our Medium article with the additional information.

Why is the pre-sale fund allocation (1000BNB) for marketing 70% and only 30% go into initial liquidity?

Due to how the Cake Monster protocol functions (more details of how this works is coming in another article), and to ensure a successful token launch, we have decided to use a large portion of the pre-sale funds for an extremely aggressive initial marketing campaign. We want to work with trusted professional marketers, media and high profile influencers who have an organic follower base with high engagement rates and are already in good talks with such.

This quality comes at a price, but in return will ensure that growth and volume are guaranteed from the start and funds are not wasted on ineffective or fraudulent entities.

We are using the BNB because we want to avoid selling our native tokens from the allocated marketing & community funds whenever possible, this is to avoid any large sells from influencers or other people, and therefore help stabilize the initial price action by using only BNB. The locked liquidity will steadily rise due to protocol functions, as described in our last article.

We are very confident and serious about starting a SafeMoon like trend with our goal to break into the mainstream!

Is the Cake Monster project really supported/backed by PancakeSwap?

No, we did not claim that we have a partnership with PancakeSwap or that they support our project (yet). We have stated that the Cake Monster protocol is supported by $CAKE, the native token of PancakeSwap. We don’t need permission to use their token in our protocol.

When is the deadline for the whitelist and how can we apply?

The deadline to enter is Sunday, May 23 at 13:00 UTC. Once the deadline has passed, we will publish an announcement listing all the eligible addresses from the whitelist and instructions on how and where to send your BNB. The whitelisted tokens will be claimable right after the DEX listing. The DEX listing will happen right after the pre-sale on BSCStarter is sold out.

You can apply for the whitelist lottery here:

Raising 1000BNB seems a bit far-fetched. Do you really think you can sell so much?

In short — yes. We are completely confident that with the interest already shown that the pre-sale will be sold out quickly. When you compare our raise with other projects and see how the Cake Monster protocol functions, you will reach the same conclusion.

Thanks for your understanding! We hope that we shed some light onto the process and that we answered the raised questions to your satisfaction. Should further fundamental questions arise, we will update this article!

Happy caking!

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