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Posted by: MonstaCorp on June 6, 2022

We know everyone is eager for the arrival of the Monsta Party Arcade and while we’re working hard to put the finishing touches on it, we wanted to bring you a fun new addition while you wait! Launching June 6th at 12:00pm UTC we’re happy to introduce a beta launch of a new chance-style game for Monsta Party that we’ve dubbed “Cake Toss!”

In this simple yet addictive game, players will have an opportunity to face off against others for a chance to take home their share of the prize pot!

Visit the new “Toss” page in the Monsta Party App to get started.

  • Player X starts a game with a 100 MONSTA bet, and chooses “Light Side.”
  • Another player, Player Z, joins paying the same 100 MONSTA bet, and chooses “Dark Side.”
  • This makes the total prize pool, 200 MONSTA.
  • The pancake flips, resulting in the “Light Side” being selected.
  • Player X would be declared the winner and would have 10 minutes to claim their reward.
  • Upon claiming the total reward of 200 MONSTA, 100 of that is the initial bet amount which goes back to the winner, the remaining 100 MONSTA would have 20% burned and the remaining amount sent to Player X (80 MONSTA in this example for a grand total of 180 MONSTA sent back to Player X)
  • If no one else has started a game, you’ll see an option to start a new game. If a game is already in progress, you’ll see an option to join that existing game.
  • Select the Monsta Party NFT you want to use as your Player (Note: Activity requirements apply so you need to have fed your Party Monsta within the last 12 hours)
  • Select your bet amount from the available choices listed (payable in MONSTA). Note: The starting player sets the bet amount for all other players when starting a game.
  • Choose your side — Light or Dark, and confirm the transactions in your wallet.

I joined a game and confirmed my transaction but another transaction confirmation appeared right after it?

  • The 10 minute countdown to the flip will begin when at least one other player has joined!
  • If no other players have joined and the player that initiated the toss no longer wants to wait — they can cancel the game and receive their initial bet amount back.
  • Once at least two players have joined the game and the timer reaches 0, the pancake will flip and the results will be displayed on screen for all players to see!

What is the maximum number of players that can join?

Can I use b/sMONSTA to play Cake Toss?

  • 20% of the claimed winnings will be burned (which furthers our goal of accelerating protocol deflation!🔥)
  • Winners will get to claim their original bet back, plus a share of all bets made by the opposing/losing players.
  • Winners have 10 minutes to claim their prize before a new game can be started.
  • Any winnings that are not claimed before the claim period expires will be rolled over and added to the next game, making the prize pot even bigger!

Is there transaction taxes on the winnings I claim from Cake Toss?

We’ve summarized everything you need to know about how to play Cake Toss in this short 6 minute YouTube video:

Look forward to some special cake toss community events with whale-sized bets and huge prize pots! We’ll make more announcements on these in the upcoming weeks!

The initial launch of Cake Toss will be considered a community beta launch and subject to changes and updates. We’ll monitor community feedback and game progress closely and make adjustments and tweaks as needed to improve gameplay. Be sure to join us over on Discord to share your feedback and join the discussion!🔥

Remember that contract interactions require 2 confirmations. The first approves the contract to interact with your wallet and the second is to confirm the spending of your MONSTA for the bet that you selected.

There is currently no limit to the number of players that can join a round. Players can bet/join with multiple NFTs if they so choose as well, provided they meet the activity and entry requirements.

At this time, only MONSTA is eligible for payment to participate in Cake Toss games.

No. Upon claiming your reward, the 20% burn will take place and the remaining amount is sent to you.

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