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Posted by: MonstaCorp on July 30, 2021

You may already know that we bake up sweet, cute, Cake Monster ($MONSTA) NFT goodness, but we do have our limits…

That’s because we’re only cooking up 3k NFT’s!

So why don’t we make enough to share?

Keeping a cap on our NFT’s ensures the maximum rewards and exclusive access to our ACTIVE community.

Because not everyone can get their hands on an NFT means your participation is oh-so-handsomely rewarded. 🍰

Keeping Cake Monster NFTs rare will produce a booming secondary NFT market. That means a sweeter deal for all of you $MONSTA-holders, making your investment even more rare, valuable, and all-around yummy.

Top $MONSTA holders get to claim the Diamond Claw Level 5 NFT!

*** We may raise the minting cap if it means our Monster Community will reap even bigger rewards. As Cake Monster packs on the pounds, we may open up even more exclusive slots for competitions, games, contributions, and more gooey goodness.


Now, this is where things really start to heat up…

Every time our $MONSTA supply decreases by as little as 0,01%, we start baking in our kitchen towards the next round of rewards for our Monster Chefs. Those who manage to claim will be rewarded with $MONSTA.

So you’d better hurry up! The first one to the Kitchen gets the goods.

You can read more about how The Kitchen works here.

There Are 5 NFT Levels

Each Diamond Claw Unlocks Some SWEET Rewards!

💎 Diamond Claw (Level 1)
▹Limit: 1000 NFT’s
▹Access to Kitchen Management 8 minutes after the function becomes available.

💎💎 Diamond Claw (Level 2)
▹Limit: 800 NFT’s
▹Access to Kitchen Management 6 minutes after the function becomes available

💎💎💎 Diamond Claw (Level 3)
▹Limit: 600 NFT’s
▹Access to Kitchen Management 4 minutes after the function becomes available
▹Option to Auto Cash-Out (Daily Limit per Wallet = 1)

💎💎💎💎 Diamond Claw (Level 4)
Limit: 400 NFT’s
▹Access to Kitchen Management 2 minutes after the function becomes available
▹Option to Auto Cash-Out (Daily Limit per Wallet = 2)

💎💎💎💎💎 Diamond Claw (Level 5)
▹Limit: 200 NFT’s
▹Kitchen Management
▹Head Start = 2 minutes
▹Option to Auto Cash-Out (▹Daily Limit per Wallet = 3)

Diamond Claw Level 5 gets an additional bonus...

Daily Dynamic CAKE Rewards (from CAKE staking…?) ⭐

Anti-Price-Dump Feature

A total of 30 Auto Cash-Outs per day can be issued and each wallet has to wait in the manager queue for 10 others to use this function again. This limit is not fixed and can be dynamically adjusted!

Kitchen Management

If you’re not holding any Cake Monster NFT’s, you can still use Kitchen Management! The thing is, you have to wait 10 minutes after it’s available to the Diamond Claw VIP’s to have a crack at it… and you’ll have time until the next Kitchen Management cycle to do your thing.

BUT… Only our Diamond Claw Monster Holders reap the extra rewards and our Auto Cash-Out feature!

Here’s a sneak peek of the Diamond Claw NFT

Big Reveal Coming This Friday, August 6th, 2021.


You can begin claiming your NFT this Friday, August 6th, 2021.

Once released, simply check the NFT section on the dashboard to see if you qualify for any NFT.

Your Diamond Claw Power Level Attribute (PLA) upon claiming your NFT will be determined by the amount of $MONSTA you hold at the time of a random snapshot before we release our NFT’s. It remains a mystery what kind of benefits this PLA will give NFT holders in the future…but they will be monstantial..🔍

But BEWARE: Your NFT benefits will become::GASP:: inactive if your $MONSTA holdings fall below the set threshold, and lower level benefits will become active instead. You wouldn’t let that happen, would you?

AND if you don’t own any $MONSTA, you don’t get any of the exclusive benefits. So what are you waiting for? Get CAKE MONSTER right here on Pancake Swap.

Here is the breakdown of the minimum percentage of MONSTA supply you must hold to unlock Diamond Claw levels

Diamond Claw Level Thresholds

For example…

Assuming the current $MONSTA supply is 9,000,000,000 (9 Billion). You have to hold a minimum of 1,125,000 $MONSTA (0.0125%) to unlock Diamond Claw Level 1 and 9,000,000 to unlock Diamond Claw Level 5 (0.10%).

Let’s say you own a Diamond Claw Level 5 NFT, holding 0.10% of $MONSTA supply, and enjoy the applied benefits.

If you then sold 50% of your $MONSTA holdings (which leaves you with 0.05% of the supply), those level 5 benefits would be deactivated and replaced by level 3 benefits since your holdings meet the threshold for that lower level. You would keep your level 5 NFT but only enjoy level 3 benefits.

The Quickest Way To Upgrade Your NFT

It’s easy-peasy! Simply log into your Diamond Claw NFT account via the dashboard once you’re eligible to level-up, click the CLAIM button, and your previous level NFT will then be replaced by the higher level NFT!

Airdrop Participants

If you were an airdrop participant you will need to have minimum the same amount of airdropped $MONSTA in your wallet that you had when you claimed your last airdrop… No sweat if you don’t! You can buy back the difference and claim your NFT without being in the supply threshold.

Psst… we’ve made it a no-brainer. You can find the missing amount in the NFT section of your dashboard! Airdropped NFT”s will not be subject to our general NFT limitations!

You still have to activate your NFT benefits by reaching the specified threshold of $MONSTA holdings.

Missed the airdrop? You still have a chance to claim the NFT if you hold a set percentage of $MONSTA supply in your wallet.

We keep adding even bigger benefits and tastier advancements to the Cake Monster platform so our monster community can reap the oh-so-rich rewards!

Once you’ve claimed an NFT, you cannot mint it again — that just wouldn’t be fair, now would it?

Here you can find some additional details

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Cake Monster ($MONSTA) offers a multitude of great features aimed at building a flexible and multifaceted dividend yield and reward system for participants without compromising the sustainability or security of the ecosystem and combines this with smart design, creativity, and organic growth.

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