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Posted by: MonstaCorp on November 7, 2023
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We're delighted to introduce the Kreepy Monstas NFT Collection. This exciting project is the result of a unique collaboration between Kreepy Kritters and Monsta Party NFTs. Combining two distinct art styles, we've created a one-of-a-kind collection that will capture your imagination.

Collection Details

Collection Size: 6600 (deflationary mechanics at work, this will continue to decrease with time!)

Network: Polygon



The Kreepy Monstas collection was a free mint offered to users. The collection introduces a distinctive addition with the "Reaper." For those well-acquainted with Kreepy Kritters, this concept may already be familiar. The Kreepy Monstas Reaper derives its power from trading royalties within the marketplace and a portion of revenue from The Player Pot. This innovative feature sweeps and incinerates NFTs at the floor price, resulting in a deflationary effect that promises to keep you engaged!

The Reaper


The "Reaper" as we call it, is an automated smart contract that takes portions of secondary trades + player pot raffle tickets, and uses those funds to purchase and burn floor NFTs across marketplaces. These burned Kreepy Monstas are removed from circulation. The Reaper runs for the life time of the project, slowly dropping the supply from 6600!

Player Pot Raffle System

Kreepy Monstas Player Pot: Hosted by our frens over at PixelSweeper's, the player pot system is a sweeping mechanism where tickets can be purchased for 2 MATIC/each. 90% of ticket sales are used to automatically sweep Kreepy Monstas and add them to the prize pot. Your chance to win is relative to the amount of tickets you bought in the current round. The Winners are drawn on-chain by Chainlink VRF, a provably fair and verifiable random number generator.

Visit: To see how many Kreepy Monstas are in the pot and purchase tickets!


Rarity Tools/Other

Visit to look at the stats, rarity and P/L for Kreepy Monstas. This is an in depth analytics platform that is worth bookmarking to track your colleciton! These two icons can be found by the listings on the Dashboard home page which show how much funds are currently in the Player Pot (Dice icon) and Reaper (Reaper icon)

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Rareboard offers another great tool for viewing your collection stats and can be found here: Rareboard


Join the community over in Discord! You can view Reaper Sweeps and Player Pot Ticket Purchases over in the Kreepy Kritters Telegram as well! (Discord Bot coming soon!)

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About Kreepy Kritters

Kreepy Kritters is a deflationary NFT collection backed by a sustainable treasury fund that provides long term replenishable assets to ensure the community, project, and team will be able to grow long into the future. Kreepy Kritters Utility based model is multichain, backed by Chainlinks CCIP and is currently living on BNB Chain and Polygon

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About Monsta Party

Embark on an extraordinary journey into the realm of P2E NFTs on the BNBChain, and become a part of history as you own a piece of the first-ever generative art NFT collection launched in space! Unveil the magic of our limited collection of 9,999 increasingly rare Gen-0 NFTs (now made scarcer by innovative deflationary dynamics!)

Fueled by the cutting-edge MONSTA DeFi protocol, these Gen-0 NFTs shower you with rewards for engaging in on-chain games and ecosystem features. Ready to take it up a notch? Elevate your journey with Gen-1 Party Monsta NFTs, granting you exclusive access to a world of heart-racing skill-based games. Seize the opportunity to grasp the stars and secure your piece of history!

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