LEVEL UP! — Introducing the Monsta Party Arcade

Posted by: MonstaCorp on July 9, 2022

After much waiting and anticipation, we’re pleased to announce the release of the new Monsta Party Arcade (MPA) on July 4th! This feature addition has been in development for quite some time and we’re super excited to share it with you all! We worked hard to bring you something that is dynamic yet simple, robust, and more importantly — fun!

4 games are already completed and ready and we’ll release these incrementally after the initial launch day tournament. More games will be developed in the future as well. The MPA is a completely scalable product addition that will allow us to release future games with ease — building a library of dozens of games (or more!), and we’ll even include NFT holders in the decision making process of choosing new games!

Phase 1 of the arcade introduces players to not one, but four specially created and customized skill based games described below. The simplicity of the games means that players of all ages can “pick-up and play” without needing to spend excessive time studying rules, gameplay, or strategies. In addition, our unique tournament style set-up allows players to play the games as much or as little as they like, without the worry of running out of “lives” or “credits.”

Monsta Man

Inspired by the classic Pacman game of arcades past, MonstaMan brings the fun and addictive traits of this gaming classic into the realm of blockchain and P2E! 🏆

Twist Monsta

This simple yet addictive game is going to have you both shouting with joy and cursing with frustration. Twist your way to the bottom, earn the highest score and claim the leaderboard top spot! 🕺🏽

Monstas Cake Slash

Fans of the fruit slashing classic will immediately recognize this game, complete with some uniquely Monsta customizations. Slash the fruit, cake, and BNB tokens to make combos while avoiding the explosive CZ bombs! 💣

Monstas Cake Run

Our Christmas favorite is back and more challenging than ever! Dash your way through the snow covered forest, avoiding obstacles and collecting some sweet cake!

  • Games from the Monsta Party Arcade will be playable via pre-established Tournaments or so called “Play Sessions.”
  • When you visit the “Arcade” section of the Monsta Party App, available games and tournaments will be displayed. There can be multiple different tournaments running, including multiple different configurations of the same game.
  • Each play session will be accessible for a specified period and automatically close at the displayed scheduled end-time.
  • Players will be able to play/participate within these tournaments or play sessions as much or as little as they like (subject to entry and activity requirements).
  • Tournaments/Play Sessions can/will have different entry requirements (IE: available to Gen-0 and Gen-1, available to Gen-1 only, etc.).
  • Tournaments/Play sessions can/will have different rewards (both MONSTA and PXP) based on the parameters set by us.
  • Gen-0’s will be provided access to tournaments and play sessions by purchasing an entry pass for the price specified on the tournament information screen.
  • Entry fees are payable in MONSTA and 50% of the entry fee will be burned, with the remaining 50% being added to the reward/prize pool for the tournament.

Gen-0 NFTs:

It was originally planned to have the Arcade be exclusive to Gen-1 Monsta Party NFTs, however we evaluated community feedback and looked at various ways we might be able to include Gen-0’s in this feature, while still rewarding those who worked hard for a Gen-1 NFT, and those that continue to work for one. It’s challenging to create a 100% fair and sustainable rewards ecosystem, but we believe we’ve found a method that will allow for a balanced and fair approach.

This addition will further accelerate protocol deflation while providing additional rewards and incentives for Gen-0 participation, as well as incentivizing holders towards the goal of obtaining a Gen-1 Monsta Party NFT.

Note: Regular NFT activity requirements apply, and both Gen-0’s and Gen-1’s will need to have been fed within the last 12 hours in order to participate in tournaments/play sessions and to be able to claim rewards at the end of the play period (currently set where you have to have fed to claim reward, but not sure we should have it like this or not…).

  • Access to tournaments/play sessions without the requirement to pay for an entry pass.
  • Access to exclusive Gen-1 only tournaments and larger prize-pots
  • Access to new exclusive Gen-1 only games (coming soon)
  • Exclusive access to the Monsta Merch store! (coming soon)

Gen-1 NFTs:

Originally designed for Gen-1 MP NFTs, the Monsta Party Arcade will offer some perks and benefits not available to Gen-0 Party Monstas! These added perks/benefits will provide additional incentive for holders to continue leveling up their Gen-0 and eventually get a Gen-1 Party Monsta!


Gen-1 Party Monstas need a lot of energy to pull those all nighters at the arcade, and they wouldn’t be able to do it without some good ‘ol fashioned snacks, feasts, and caviar! Feeding your Party Monsta gives it the fuel to participate in Arcade tournaments, while also providing an additional PXP boost to help level up your Gen-1 faster!

Phase 1 of the Monsta Arcade is just the beginning! Phase 2 will bring additional features, games, and rewards!

Exclusive NFT Rewards

Players can look forward to specially designed and unique NFT “badges” and achievements obtainable in special tournaments and community events! These awards will be extremely limited and rare! NFT awards will be displayed in a special “achievements” section of the Monsta Party app and will be fully tradeable on our NFT partner marketplaces as well!

Additional Games & Rewards

Additional games will be developed and made available for Gen-1 players and will include varying PXP requirements to access/play. Players will be incentivized to continue investing and leveling up their Gen-1 NFTs in order to access the new games and exclusive rewards. In addition to more fun and addictive games, we’ll be working to add additional reward options such as b/sMONSTA, NFTs, and even partner tokens!

Real World Merch

Some of you may have memories or experiences of playing at the arcade as a kid, collecting those little paper tickets and stuffing them into your pockets as you went from game to game trying your luck. Eventually you’d take that giant wad of paper tickets over to the redemption counter, a big smile on your face as you hand over what seemed like thousands of those little paper tickets. The clerk would count them up and proceed to tell you what you could select as your prize(s) from the available merchandise. As a kid, nothing beat that feeling. As an adult…the nostalgia rings loud!🙂

You may be wondering what you’ll do with all that accumulated PXP for your Gen-1 Party Monstas…and the answer is spending it in the Monsta Merch store of course! 🤩 As you play, feed, and accumulate PXP in the arcade with your Gen-1 Party Monsta, you’ll get to exchange (redeem) that PXP in the Monsta Merch store!

We’ll first be launching with items such as shirts, sweaters, tote bags, mugs, notepads, toys, and much more! New items will continually be added as well. These products will be made available for players to order in exchange for their accumulated PXP. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on available items, redemption levels and more! We’re in the design and testing phase and will share more details including concept designs as soon as they become available!

Mobile App

Join the launch day tournament for your chance to win a FREE Gen-1 Party Monsta!!

While the Monsta Arcade dApp is already mobile compatible with most common mobile browsers and wallets at launch, we’re also working with our partners at SkillGaming to bring you native mobile apps for both Android and iPhone!

Check out the promo trailer on our Youtube channel!

Not only will this bring additional exposure to the Monsta community with listings in the app stores, but it will also provide increased flexibility and a better user experience for our community! We’re still in the very early stages of development and don’t currently have an ETA of when they’ll be available, but keep an eye on our official accounts for future details and updates as they become available!

We’ll be running a very special launch day tournament where players will have the opportunity to participate for a chance to win a free Gen-1 Party Monsta 🤩 Keep those Monsta eyes peeled for more details and announcements closer to the launch!

We reserve the right to change or adjust tournament specifications, rewards, or otherwise at any time at our sole discretion. Changes may be made in the event of player monopolization, malicious gameplay, or otherwise in an effort to protect the platform from abuse or misuse and provide a fair gameplay experience for all community members.

How long are the tournaments and what are the prizes?

Tournaments are entirely customizable by us and will be available in a variety of configurations. Each tournament listed in the app will display the start and end time, entry requirements, MONSTA prize pool, PXP prize pool, as well as the reward distribution for qualifying players. Some tournaments may be free to play with no rewards — allowing you the opportunity to try them out and practice your skills. Some tournaments may have an entry fee for Gen-0’s with prizes available for the top 5 finishers, while others may only be available to Gen-1’s and contain larger prize pools for a larger amount of finishers. We ensured a very dynamic set-up so we can accommodate a wide variety of scenarios and make adjustments as necessary to ensure a sustainable and rewarding ecosystem.

If a tournament lists reward distribution for the top 10 players and I finish in 11th place, do I still earn some PXP or rewards?

No. You need to finish within the listed prize tier in order to qualify and obtain rewards. Each tournament will have a leaderboard available to show you your current position among other players.

If I pay an entry fee for a Gen-0, play for a couple hours, exit and want to play again the next day, do I have to pay entry fees again?

You only pay an entry fee once per tournament and you can play as much or as little as you like within the specified play period. The only requirement would be that you use the same NFT you paid the entry fee with, and that you have fed your Party Monsta within the last 12 hours as per standard activity requirements.

Do Gen-1’s earn Dividends? What do they need PXP for?

Only Gen-0’s earn MONSTA dividends as was stated in our previous Medium articles. PXP for Gen-1’s is used for leveling up your Party Monsta to access new and exclusive games, and most importantly — to redeem for real-life physical Monsta Merch! Revenues from Gen-1 feedings will be used for operational expenses for the arcade platform such as hosting, new game development, maintenance, physical merchandise, as well as marketing expenses. This ensures a stable and sustainable ecosystem.

Wen Monsta Merch? Wen New Games?

We’re working as hard and fast as we can getting the final pieces together for merchandise logistics, and user interface for redemption. New games are currently being evaluated and Alpha tested before moving to the customization stage at which point we’ll be able to release them for Beta testing with the community. Stay tuned to our Discord server for important announcements and updates as they become available.

What are the system requirements to play the games?

The current games are not largely resource intensive, but they do work best on desktop devices using Meta Mask and running the latest version of Chrome or Edge. Our dAPP is fully mobile compatible and works best with a mobile browser such as Chrome, using the Wallet Connect option. Lower powered mobile devices may experience degraded performance playing some of the more resource intensive games like TwistMonsta. If you find this to be the case with your mobile device, we suggest using a desktop browser instead.

I get a blank/black screen or the message “loading” only

If you’re using a desktop computer or laptop, make sure you’re using the Chrome browser for best performance. You may need to clear your cache/app data to make sure you’re fetching the latest app info. This can vary from device to device and browser to browser, but most commonly this can be done by holding the shift key on your keyboard while at the same time clicking the refresh button on the browser. If you’re using the Chrome mobile browser, it’s a bit different. You can find complete instructions for Android here and for iOS here, and lastly for PC here

The other important thing to note is the number of NFTs that you have. The more NFTs you have, the longer it takes to load (especially the first time). This is due to the fact that data is being fetched from multiple locations and then being cached on your device. We always recommend playing on a Desktop/Laptop device for best performance. Some games like Monsta Man are not optimal for mobile devices, even though you can play them on these devices if you prefer.

I see a tournament that has no entry fees and no rewards?

These are open play/practice tournaments where you can try out the games and practice/play without having to spend money on entry fees. It’s important to note if you’re using a Gen-0 NFT to play, you still need to complete the “Buy Entry” process and pay the gas to complete the transaction and register your NFT for score submission. The transaction will be for gas only and you’ll see there is no MONSTA charged/approved for withdraw.

I have other questions not answered here

Join our Discord server where you can chat with other players, get answers to questions, and more.

About Monsta Party

Monsta Party Gen-0’s are a collection of 9,999 Play-2-Earn NFTs on the BNB Chain and powered by the Cake Monster DeFi protocol. Gen-1 Party Monstas take it one step further with a growing collection of arcade exclusive NFTs with unique features and benefits! Browse our verified listings on tofuNFT marketplace and add a Party Monsta to your NFT collection today!

Everything is handmade and designed with crazy love by our incredibly talented Monsta designers! What is a great Monsta Party without fresh and funky looking Monstas?!

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