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Posted by: MonstaCorp on November 15, 2023
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Greetings Monstaverse!

The moment you've all been waiting for is almost here. After months of speculation, we are thrilled to finally unveil the inner workings of the long-awaited Monsta Fusion!

This revolutionary feature will unlock new dimensions within your NFT collection and contribute to a flourishing, deflationary ecosystem. But beware - Dr. Byte's twisted experiments come with great risk and reward!

🔥 The All-Consuming Fusionator

The powerful but perilous Fusionator enables the combining of two gen-0 NFTs into an exciting new creation! But its arcane energies demand sacrifice - one NFT will be lost to its fiery depths during the ritual.

Fusion Process:

  • Supply 2 gen-0 NFTs
  • Pay fusion fee of ~$30 in BNB
  • Fused NFT receives:
    • Combined PXP (30% burned)
    • Mixed traits from both NFTs
    • Chance for new traits, and even a brand new ultra-rare legendary!
  • You pick which gen-0 survives; the other is sacrificed

🧪 Mysterious Creations...PXP Stabilizer Serums


Seeking to temper the Fusionator's endless appetite, Dr. Byte worked feverishly in his remote laboratory. After countless nights of obsessive experimentation, he emerged with a solution - the PXP Stabilizer Serums!

These alchemical concoctions are imbued with arcane energies that help preserve your hard-earned PXP during the fusion ritual. But they come at a price only the good doctor knows…

There are 3 tiers of elixirs, each with increasing purity and potency:

🧪 Amethyst Serum

  • Price: ~$30
  • PXP Preservation: 85%
  • Color: Rich, royal purple
  • Type: Rich in abundance, easy to produce

The Amethyst Serum is the most common of Byte's creations. When added to the fusion ritual, it helps safeguard 85% of your PXP from being consumed by the flames. Net PXP burn of 15%.

🧪 Citrine Serum

  • Price: ~$60
  • PXP Preservation: 90%
  • Color: Warm, golden sunlit yellow
  • Type: Scarce

More difficult to brew in large quantities, the Citrine Serum protects 90% of your PXP from the Fusionator. Its golden glow hints at even greater riches. Net PXP burn of 10%.

🧪 Rainbow Prism Serum

  • Price: ~$240
  • PXP Preservation: 99%
  • Color: All colors of the rainbow

The rarest and most coveted elixir is the Prism Serum. Its dazzling rainbow hues signify near perfect PXP preservation at 99%. But Dr. Byte produces only miniscule amounts as the primary component remains extremely rare and hard to obtain, so few will ever be produced. Net PXP burn of 1%.

Choose your elixirs wisely, brave fusers. True glory awaits those with the will and means to unlock it!

An example of the resulting PXP for a fusion done with or without PXP Stabilizer Serums:

NFT #1 - 5,000 PXP
NFT #2 - 6,000 PXP

Standard Fusion: 30% PXP Burn, Resulting NFT = 7,700 PXP
w/ Amethyst Serum: 15% PXP Burn, Resulting NFT =9,350 PXP
w/ Citrine Serum: 10% PXP Burn, Resulting NFT =9,900 PXP
w/ Prism Serum: 1% PXP Burn, Resulting NFT =10,890 PXP

🧬 Preserve Your Legacy - The Preserve-O-Matic


Not all wish to twist and transform their precious NFTs through Dr. Byte's unpredictable experiments. For those seeking to simply combine PXP while preserving their NFT's appearance, the ingenious Preserve-O-Matic may be the answer.

This curious contraption, forged deep in the foundries of the doctor's lair, allows you to lock in the traits of your chosen survivor post-fusion.

🧬 Preserve-O-Matic

  • Price: ~$10
  • Function: Preserves chosen NFT's traits after fusion

With the click of a button and the turn of a dial, the Preserve-O-Matic will archive your NFT in a state of suspended animation throughout the fusion reaction. When the ritual is complete, your NFT emerges unaltered!

While some may call this stagnation, others see it as cherishing the past while still evolving. After all, progress and preservation need not be mutually exclusive!

So whether you prefer transformation or tradition, Dr. Byte provides the tools. Just mind the good doctor's motives…for progress always comes at a price 😉

💎 Early Adopter Rewards

To celebrate the official launch of the upcoming Monsta Fusion feature, we are opening up Dr. Byte's Secret Laboratory for early access, with some special perks!!

Early supporters will:

🤑 Receive a ~15% discount off regular prices on all items in Dr. Byte's Lab
🤑 Get first access to the extremely limited Prismatic Serums before they sell out
🤑 Whitelist Slot for upcoming Kreepy Monsta's mint

Once the early access period ends, standard prices will apply to all items, and limited rare items may not be made available for a long period of time. So don't miss your chance to get these valuable fusion tools!

  • Discounts and early access apply from November 20th to November 30th, 2023
  • Standard Public Pricing and Quantities apply from December 1st 2023 and onward

Dawn of a New Era

With the arrival of Monsta Fusion, an exciting new chapter unfolds. This long-awaited innovation opens up amazing generative possibilities for your NFT collection. But more importantly, it marks a pivotal step towards a healthier, more sustainable Monstaverse.

Ecosystem Benefits

  • Increased deflationary pressure on Gen 0 NFTs & Total Circulating PXP
  • Scarcity drives value and rewards for active players
  • New revenue supports continued development
  • Flexible options cater to diverse community needs

User Benefits

  • Discover new traits and increase rarity
  • Progress faster towards Gen 1 NFTs
  • Participate in the growth of the ecosystem
  • Customizable experience to suit play styles
  • Showcase your flair for innovation

For those bold enough to embrace change, the era of Fusion promises new dimensions of creativity, engagement, and community-driven evolution.

Will you cling to the past or reach fearlessly for the future? The choice is yours. But one thing is certain - the Monstaverse will never be the same. A new age of wonder and possibility has arrived!

Visit Dr. Byte's Secret Laboratory

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Browse available NFTs to mint from Dr. Byte's Lab


Why does fusion have a BNB fee at all? Why not make it free?

While we aimed to make fusion affordable, a small fee is necessary to fund ongoing development and support a healthy, sustainable ecosystem. This benefits all users in the long run through new features, rewards, and increased project stability.

What if I don't want to pay extra for serums or the Preserve-O-Matic? $30 feels too high already.

You can choose to fuse your NFTs without any add-ons. We created the add-ons as customizable options, but the core fusion experience is still accessible.

Why does fusion burn PXP at all? I worked hard for that!

Burning PXP may seem painful in the short term, but it's key to supporting a thriving ecosystem. PXP scarcity increases rewards for active players and makes each point more valuable over time. Your dedication will pay off and additional methods to accrue PXP will remain available via the Arcade and other features.

Do I really have to sacrifice one of my NFTs? Can't they both survive?

Permanently sacrificing an NFT adds healthy deflationary pressure. That also means one less hungry mouth for you to feed! Having one less NFT to power up means increased scarcity and value for remaining NFTs. Plus, the sacrificed NFT's traits can potentially live on in the fused creation!

This seems risky and complicated. What's the benefit to me?

Fusion unlocks new generative possibilities and provides you with truly unique NFTs. Increased scarcity also boosts the value of your remaining NFTs as the ecosystem becomes more deflationary. More value retention ultimately benefits your collection!

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