Posted by: MonstaCorp on December 14, 2022

OFFER to the UPDOG community

UPDOG is a fellow hyper deflationary project on BNB Chain with a simple mission — make money for their holders, while keeping dogs safe and fed via donations.

Unfortunately, this year the UPDOG community has been abandoned by the team and developers, leaving them with a locked LP and a token with no use case. After spending some time talking to the UPDOG community, MONSTA would like to offer the existing holders refuge in our ever-growing ecosystem!

MONSTA welcomes the UPDOG Community


MONSTA is offering UPDOG holders the opportunity to convert their UPDOG holdings into MONSTA*.

All you have to do as a UPDOG holder is send your UPDOG tokens to the MONSTA Multi-Sig Gnosis Safe address before the end of the day on January 1st, 2023 (UTC).



*Final conversion rate will be determined by BNB realized, and not UPDOG received.


  • UPDOG holders that sent their UPDOG tokens to the MONSTA Multi-Sig address will be airdropped MONSTA tokens according to the market rate at the time of transfer.
  • The UPDOG tokens received will be sold off for BNB via our Multi-Sig wallet.
  • The BNB received will be mainly used to Buy Back and Burn MONSTA from the Apeswap LP, to add volume and further deflation.
  • The initiating community member who made this fusion possible will be awarded 1 BNB.


This is an opportunity to invest in an innovative and revolutionary Defi project, that is backed by a multi-asset vault filled with almost 400K CAKE (worth & more than 600 BNB (and growing) which will be used to reward holders at the end of our first cycle (July 2023).

We have been consistently developing through the bear market and there is no better time to become a MONSTA holder and be part of a successful and active project that is set to thrive when the markets go finally back up.

By swapping your UPDOG tokens you get access to our diverse ecosystem where you can have fun and earn rewards in a unique and intelligent community! You also get a fair and slippage-free way to convert your tokens and get back into the game.

We look forward to welcoming the UPDOG community!

A special thanks to NJ Crypto for accomplishing our goal to save another community in this dire market situation!

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Cake Monster ($MONSTA) is a revolutionary undertaking in sustainable Hyper-Deflationary Economics. Our team has developed a groundbreaking economic policy to combat the problems that we are currently facing in the financial world and wrapped it as a cute Meme on BNB Chain.

To give you some fun along the way, you’ll find On-Chain Games, Play2Earn NFTs, and other rewarding features that let you earn in the world’s first sustainable Hyper-Deflationary Ecosystem while making the protocol work for you. MONSTA offers the best of both worlds — finance and fun memes.

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