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Posted by: MonstaCorp on September 20, 2022


Cake Monster ($MONSTA) was recently given the opportunity to help holders of the inactive PiggyBank Token ($PIGGY) by offering them a way out by swapping their holdings in exchange for MONSTA, and by joining our welcoming and active community.

The Piggy Token was, unfortunately, one of the many projects in this space that faced some development issues and inevitably failed to keep up over the past year. Despite their best efforts, the team was unable to continue the project in a feasible way. They locked the PIGGY liquidity pool for a very long time, and renounced the contract ownership, which led to a dilemma that didn't leave many satisfying options for PIGGY holders. And this is where MONSTA stepped in to lend a helping “claw”.

We made a public offer to the PIGGY community for all remaining holders to send us their tokens in exchange for MONSTA — and with success, it led to us happily welcoming the former PIGGY holders with open arms. The now MONSTA holders got to join our fabulous community, learn about us, participate in our rewarding on-chain activities, and received their new MONSTA in a fair and slippage-free conversion offer. The former PIGGY project team got to officially finish their project with integrity, and without the moral burden that comes along with abandoning a project and its community entirely.

With this spirit, we would like to officially extend our efforts to help out other communities that might struggle in the same way as Piggy Token did. We want to offer a solution where project holders get a chance to exchange their tokens for MONSTA and be part of a project with a strong team, which is actively developing and thriving through this bear market.

Introducing Monsta Munch

Hot on the heels of the successful conversion with PIGGY, we’re pleased to announce MONSTA MUNCH: A new Cake Monster program that offers honest and responsible developers and teams of failing projects a way to do right by their communities.

What are we looking for?

  • Projects on BNBChain with renounced LPs and Contract Ownership
  • A small percentage of circulating supply relative to the LP and total supply
  • Communities that have no chance of revival
  • Liquidity pool of over 100 BNB

What we are offering!

  • An exit path for failing or struggling projects
  • The opportunity for token holders to invest in an innovative and revolutionary Defi project, that is backed by a multi-asset vault filled with CAKE & BNB
  • A passionate, strong, and active community
  • A chance to swap their projects tokens for MONSTA — in a fair, straight-forward, and slippage-free conversion offer

What‘s in for us?

  • The Cake Monster team will use the acquired tokens to sell them in exchange for BNB, and a portion of the funds will be used to Buy Back & Burn MONSTA.
  • Increased liquidity
  • We are expanding our network of contacts, our community, and amount of holders
  • We help the crypto space to move closer together

Finder's Fee Reward

To kick-start our Monsta Much program, we are offering a finder’s fee reward of 1 BNB (on successful completion of a Monsta Munch deal) to anyone that introduces our team to the primary contact/community liaison of a project that meets the above criteria.

If you have a project in mind that meets the established criteria, you can submit it to our team via the form below. Remember that not all projects meet the criteria we’re looking for, so be sure to check over the project carefully before submitting the details, and make sure you include your contact information so that we can contact you for your reward!

In order to be eligible for our finders fee there needs to be a minimum of 10 BNB worth of the projects tokens sent in to be swapped for $MONSTA.

Community members can feel free to use the following example script in their efforts to reach out and contact other projects:

About Cake Monster

Cake Monster is a unique and elastic DeFi protocol that works in deflationary two-year cycles on BNB Chain. The intrinsic token (MONSTA) value is backed by its non-correlated asset vault reserves (e.g BNB, CAKE), which are largely used to reward holders at the end of each cycle. More info: Community | Documentation | Whitepaper

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