Monsta Party Customs — Bring your NFT to Life!

Posted by: MonstaCorp on July 30, 2022

Have you ever wondered what your Monsta Party NFT would look like if it had legs and could move?

Well, here’s your chance to evolve your favourite NFT from a PXP cutie to a Dance floor legend! We’re happy to introduce the start of the “Monsta Party Customs” collection, where we take a little bit of ‘Monsta Magic’, and turn your Gen-0 NFT into something very unique and special — just for you!

Hocus Pocus, we’ll bring your NFT into focus!

This ultra rare addition to Monsta Party NFTs will be featured in its own verified collection, extremely limited, and obtainable only via special vouchers that will be auctioned via our marketplace partner tofuNFT.

What you get

Each MP Customs NFT will be based on the winning bidders original Gen-0 Party Monsta (so make sure you own one in the wallet used to bid on the ticket!). Not only do you get a unique and rare NFT, but to add to each custom NFTs street cred, we will drop a matching animated telegram sticker! These stickers will be added to a new Sticker Collection Pack for you to show off and use in all the chats!

In addition, it will also be added to our official GIPHY collection, where millions of people will get to see it! Your sticker will become a community icon, and you will also be able to use it to brighten up your posts on all GIPHY supported platforms such as Instagram and Facebook stories!

Plus- verify your new NFT in the Monsta Party Discord server and obtain a special role and badge to show off with pride!

How it works

So the question we’re sure you are all asking right now is “How can I get my hands on one of these highly rare NFTs?” It’s easy! We are dropping a special Voucher NFT on TofuNFT which will be available via auction only. The first auction will have bidding start at $150, and this allows the community the opportunity to decide on the final price! Additional auctions will take place in the future, but will be extremely limited, so don’t miss your chance!

This NFT voucher entitles the holder to redeem for their own custom animated Monsta Party NFT.
  • The winning bidder will get the opportunity to have our designer bring their favourite Gen-0 Monsta Party NFT to life!
  • Simply exchange (send) the MP Customs Voucher NFT to us to start the redemption process.
  • There will be two to four weeks lead time on the finished product to ensure your NFT gets the love and attention it deserves! To ensure prompt delivery and avoid bottlenecks in the production process, winners will not be involved in the design process.

The second auction is now LIVE, and will run for only 3 days! Don’t miss your opportunity!

Place your bids 👉 HERE 👈

Important Terms and Conditions

  • Winning bidders will have 14 days from the date of auction close to redeem their voucher via support ticket in the Monsta Party Discord server.
  • Vouchers that are not redeemed in this time will become void and not able to be exchanged for a Monsta Party Customs NFT in the future.
  • The Monsta Party Customs collection is a separate collection from the current Gen-0 and Gen-1 Party Monstas, and do not contain functionality within the Monsta Party app at this time. (This could change in the future but is not guaranteed.)
  • Only Gen-0 Party Monstas are eligible to be modeled into a MP Custom NFT, and you must own the Gen-0 you want made in the same wallet as the MP Customs voucher upon redemption.
  • Funds raised from the MP Customs auctions will be used for marketing and further development of the Monsta Party ecosystem.

About Monsta Party

Monsta Party Gen-0’s are a collection of 9,999 Play-2-Earn NFTs on the BNB Chain and powered by the Cake Monster DeFi protocol. Gen-1 Party Monstas take it one step further with a growing collection of arcade exclusive NFTs with unique features and benefits! Browse our verified listings on tofuNFT marketplace and add a Party Monsta to your NFT collection today!

Everything is handmade and designed with crazy love by our incredibly talented Monsta designers! What is a great Monsta Party without fresh and funky looking Monstas?!

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