Monsta Quest — Earn Community Rewards

Posted by: MonstaCorp on September 26, 2022

Fellow Monstas of Cake Castle,

We are happy to present to you “Monsta Quest”, our newest community initiative. With Monsta Quests you will be able to earn community rewards in the form of token burns, Cake Toss bonus pots, Eternal Cake Lottery bonus pots, token buyback & burn, and plenty of other exciting incentives/rewards! Each Quest comes with 3 different tiers, and the higher the tier, the more valuable the community rewards, but the higher the difficulty!

We also offer complete quest lines consisting of 12 quests. There are generous bonus rewards for completing a quest line! To complete a quest line, the community must unlock and complete all 12 quests in all 3 tiers (a total of 36 quests) by joining forces and self-organization!

For each quest, we will provide you with a quest guide to help you get started! Some quests will have added bonus rewards for fast completion, while others might have time limits, which reset the quest progress (and maybe adjust the difficulty).

Typical tasks for your quests will involve social media and crypto platform activity to give MONSTA the visibility it deserves. With Monsta Quests, you will be able to make us trending, increase public opinion and visibility, and further the organic growth of our community while increasing token deflation, rewards, and other benefits stretching across our whole ecosystem!

We will announce each quest via our telegram news channel and Twitter. The release of your first quest will follow shortly after this article is released!

Once the first quest is completed, you as the community will have the opportunity to decide which path you want to choose. Start a newly unlocked quest, finish all tiers of the first quest, or do everything at the same time if you think you can handle it!

We want Monsta Quest to evolve over time, add more mechanics and new ideas to it, and make it an important part of the project. So, we hope that this will make the Cake Monster community even stronger than ever before, that new friendships will evolve along this beautiful journey, and most importantly, that you have fun while helping Cake Monster become more successful, and increase the value of your own “holdings”!

So long, farewell. 
Your Cake Monster Team

Monsta corp

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