MONSTA Treasury Bills, Farms, and Pools, oh my!

Posted by: MonstaCorp on January 27, 2023

Introducing the launch of Cake Monster Treasury Bills

We’re pleased to announce the launch of MONSTA Treasury Bills in partnership with ApeSwap starting January 27th at 18:00 UTC!

Inspired by a combination of TradFi, DeFi, and NFTs — Treasury Bills allow users to access tokens at a discount in exchange for their liquidity provider (LP) tokens. Each treasury bill is a unique NFT held by the user which represents the output of tokens that are vested over a specified period of time.

Treasury Bills will allow us to create sustainable protocol owned liquidity, increase our user base, and further strengthen the protocol for all users.

How to purchase Treasury Bills

Getting your hands on a MONSTA Treasury Bill is easy! Users simply create MONSTA/BNB LP tokens which they will then exchange for their treasury bill NFT that will offer MONSTA tokens at the listed discount price. The bills are vested over 30 days and become claimable by the NFT holder at the maturity date.

Token Discount

As shown in the image above, the discount you receive on MONSTA via Treasury Bills is dynamic and subject to market forces, supply, demand, and time. Keep your eyes peeled for the price that makes the most sense to you while keeping in mind that the bills are a limited offering and do often sell out — at which point they become unavailable to more users.

Getting Started with Treasury Bills

Additional details on Treasury Bills and how they work can be found HERE. Step by step tutorials are also available on the ApeSwap treasury bills page to help guide you through the process HERE

MONSTA Farms & Pools

In addition to the MONSTA Treasury Bills, we’ll also be launching a Staking Pool and Farm on Monday January 30th. The staking pool and farm will act as a compliment to the treasury bill offering and provide additional options for users seeking to participate and earn rewards.

  • Stake MONSTA & BNB LP tokens and earn BANANA rewards in the farm offering.
  • Stake GNANA and earn MONSTA in the new staking pool offering.

Get Started with Farms/Pools

Guided tutorials for the ApeSwap Pools are available HERE, and a guided tutorial for the Farms are available HERE. We further encourage all users to read over the product offerings in greater detail via ApeSwap’s documentation in order to determine which product offering is best suited for them.

Treasury Bills vs. Farms/Pools

There are a couple key differences between Treasury Bills and Farms/Pools which are summarized in the graphic below. Each one offers different benefits/risks which is why we’ve offering both products to ensure a holistic and sustainable approach. Farms in particular offer a way for users to “park” their LP tokens and earn rewards while waiting for their ideal price/discount on the treasury bill offering. The pool will offer incentive for ApeSwap’s GNANA holders to interact with the MONSTA protocol, further increasing protocol volume which benefits MONSTA holders in the form of vault appreciation and token deflation. Of course both treasury bills and farms/pools increase the amount of eyes on the MONSTA protocol as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prices for the t-bills and the emissions rates for the farms/pools?

Prices are dynamic and subject to market forces, supply, demand, and time. Check the treasury bills/farm/pool page on the ApeSwap platform for current pricing!

Will I be taxed when creating LP tokens with MONSTA?

Yes creation of LP tokens counts as a taxable event as we cannot whitelist the general LP as this would affect all regular transfers as well. Transfer of LP tokens into the t-bills is not taxable. We will be able to reimburse the tax on LP additions for those that obtained a treasury bill vested for the full 30 days.

What happens to the treasury bill NFT once I claim my tokens?

The NFT is yours to keep or trade as you see fit. Only the NFT holder is able to claim the vested tokens so be sure you keep it safe. Once tokens are claimed, the NFT remains with you and can be kept as a token/memory of your participation in the event, or traded on an NFT marketplace.

How long will Treasury Bills and the Farm/Pool be available?

Farms/pools will be available for 2 months. T-bills are available for 2 months or until sold-out at which point they become unavailable.

What is the APR for the Farms and Pools?

Prices are dynamic and subject to market forces, supply, demand, and time. Check the farm/pool on the ApeSwap dapp for the current rates as well as ROI calculators.

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Cake Monster is a unique and elastic DeFi protocol that works in deflationary two-year cycles on BNB Chain. The intrinsic token (MONSTA) value is backed by its non-correlated asset vault reserves (e.g BNB, CAKE), which are largely used to reward holders at the end of each cycle.

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