New Auto-Cashout Policy, Double Kitchen Rewards, Crumbs Boost and More!

Posted by: MonstaCorp on August 25, 2021


We are happy to announce that we have implemented the first Cake Monster community proposal, which was voted on by our great Cake Monster community. We have also made some optimizations in other areas to optimize the reward flow and can give you a little tease of what's next (very soon).

New Auto-Cashout Policy

The majority voted for an updated policy on our smart contract which changes the original parameters of the Auto-Cashout function.

The parameters are now changed as follows:
From 95% Cashout and 5% Caller Reward to 70% Cashout, 20% Cake Vault, 7.5% Liquidity and 2.5% Caller reward.

What does this mean exactly?

A cashed out holder now has an increased penalty for being inactive for more than 50 days. On the other hand, the Cake Vault will now increase each time a Cashout happens and a bit of liquidity (BNB) is preserved in the LP while $MONSTA is being burned out of it.

This new rule is a major boost for the total accumulated CAKE of our Gravity Vault and therefore everyone gets bigger crumbs and slices!

From now on each Cashout will:

  • Buy back 70% of an inactive holders $MONSTA with BNB from the Liquidity Pool (goes to the inactive wallet in the form of BNB)
  • Buy $CAKE worth 20% of an inactive wallet $MONSTA holdings, using BNB from the LP and add the $CAKE to the Gravity Vault
  • Mint $MONSTA worth 2.5% of an inactive holders $MONSTA and send it to the Cashout caller
  • Leave BNB worth 10% of an inactive holders $MONSTA in the LP (7.5% Liquidity “addition”, 2.5% to account for the caller reward)
  • Burn 100% of the converted $MONSTA out of the LP

What else?

  • We excluded the community wallet (~3B $MONSTA) from the crumb and slice calculation which boosts every holders crumbs (regular holder rewards) and slice (share of the vault) by ~30% instantly! Before that, the community wallet virtually earned $CAKE crumbs but didn't claim them, so they were added to the Gravity Vault.
  • We increased the kitchen management rewards from 1% to 2%! This boosts the Diamond Claw NFT collection value, and balances out the lowered rewards for the Auto-Cashout caller and the overall chances for more people to earn rewards.
  • The kitchen reward is no longer minted but is instead taken from the accumulated $MONSTA in the kitchen vault (2% caller reward, 98% protocol for $CAKE accumulation)
  • We will offer a 25% refund for holders who purchased $MONSTA when the original rule was still in effect and got cashed out with the new rule. The refunded $MONSTA will come from the community wallet and the paid out holder will have to buy back $MONSTA with the BNB that the Cashout left in the wallet to qualify for a refund.

What's next?

  • Adjustments to the daily Cashout limits and timings (soon) to make the system more fair so that every local day time can be covered globally.
  • Staking of the Cake Vault to further boost the growth of everyone's crumbs and slices.
  • New NFT project boosting volume and burning of $MONSTA while incentivizing active engagement with the NFT.

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Cake Monster ($MONSTA) offers a multitude of great features aimed at building a flexible and multifaceted dividend yield and reward system for participants without compromising the sustainability or security of the ecosystem and combines this with smart design, creativity, and organic growth.

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