One Year of MONSTA — A Look Back

Posted by: MonstaCorp on June 20, 2022

Birthday Burn Success

A big thank you to everyone that joined us yesterday for Monstas very first Birthday celebration!! We had an amazing turn out, listened to some sweet new Monsta tracks, gave away some prizes, raffled off a limited edition NFT, and BURNED A TOTAL OF 97,436,421 MONSTA!! 🔥🤯 Absolutely incredible!! You can catch a full replay of the stream on our Youtube channel!

Looking Back

There is a common joke within crypto that time doesn’t move at the same pace as everything else. Days feel like months, months feel like years, and we find ourselves looking back on these past 84 years with fondness in our hearts…

OK so it’s only been a year — but what an exciting and event filled year it has been! Milestone after Milestone, the MONSTA protocol has no shortage of achievements to celebrate!

Let’s take a look back at some of things we’ve accomplished together as a team and as a community 💪

  • May 13 — Cake Monster Project Announced
  • June 19 — $MONSTA Launches and lists on PancakeSwap
  • July 21 — First cartoon episode released
  • Aug 6 — Release of the Diamond Claw NFTs
  • Sept 3 — Gravity Vault staking live
  • Oct 14 — Monstas roam the ProjectOasis Metaverse
  • Oct 20 — New ATH reached
  • Oct 31 — Partnership with Flooz and launch of fiat on-ramp service
  • Nov 9 — Monsta Party NFTs launch and are displayed for the first time in space!
  • Feb 1 — Eternal Cake Lotto launches and the first draw is won.
  • Feb 14 — Rob-A-Monsta is released
  • March 4 — $MONSTA goes live on the CryptoBlades staking farm
  • March 5 — Staking and Baking go live
  • May 4 — Multi-asset vault launched with introduction of BNB
  • June 5 — Launch of Cake Toss
  • June 19 — Celebrating 1 year with a Monsta of a Burn Party!

Looking Forward

With so much to celebrate already, what could possibly still lie ahead? The short answer is that this is just the beginning. With multiple developments nearing completion and the countdown to the vault opening, there will be no shortage of unique and rewarding features for the MONSTA community to sink their teeth into 🤩

Starting this week, the community can expect to start seeing regularly published bi-weekly updates from our Marketing and Product Management teams! These updates will assist in keeping everyone in the community up to date on our current developments and team priorities while keeping everyone pulling together in the same direction.

Be sure to subscribe to our official announcement channel on Telegram and Discord to stay up to date on the latest.

From the Team

It goes without saying that none of these milestones would have been achievable without the dedication of our incredible team which is all powered by our dedicated and loyal community!!

We’re extremely grateful to everyone that sees the value in MONSTA and the new heights we can reach together. Thank you from the very bottom of our little Monsta hearts. Cheers to more years to come! 🍻

From the Community

We’ll finish off with some comments received over the last several days from our amazing community of Monstas:

It’s Father’s Day, my son’s 10 year birthday, and Monsta’s birthday all on one day my day is incredible. When I found this in August searching Twitter for NFTs on BSC I found this project and noticed the ‘birth’ date and knew it was a sign. So happy to be here with you all! — Mike

I’m here since the IDO, and never stopped to increase my position in Monsta (35M now), or my collection of MPs… The top tier team and the quality of each new development is so rare in this industry, that I can’t imagine anything but a huge success and more visibility at the end of this cycle and for future ones… When I see all that has been achieved in 1y, I’m so impatient to see all the new features in the coming year and all the tattoos for all the new millionaires… — Marc

Man what an amazing community this is ❤️.. the entire crypto market is in turmoil and all other projects TG chats are doom n gloom, but here we are vibin’ every day literally burning our own money down the drain all in preparation for the celebration of our 1yr anniversary 🔥🔥🔥 — NJ Crypto

This is like an oasis of positivity at the moment, what a wonderful team, community and protocol that means, whatever is happening , we are still doing just fine for the long term. I love CM 🥰 Hope nobody’s hurting too much from everything else. Things will change and come around again. — Aislinn

I was just about done with DeFi and all it’s failed promise, outright lies & exit scams. Finding Cake Monster breathed new life into my personal hope for the future. The sincerity and competency of this innovation is undeniable. With hyper deflation cycles of the native $Monsta token with persistent protocol equity (token proportions are reissued at the start of every cycle) & non correlated, multi-asset reserves (distributed to token holders at the end of each cycle,) there is peerless risk mitigation for token holders. The economic model is both sustainable and resilient by design and once multi-network, could easily become a globally important wealth aggregation and distribution protocol, raising the standards of other networks & projects across the decentralized bridge connected, super network of semi-decentralized blockchains. — Ben M

About Cake Monster

Dive into the furry world of a super deflationary multi-feature and dividend yield token on BSC with cute memes, hairy NFTs, delicious community rewards and much much more sweet ingredients, RAWR!

Cake Monster (MONSTA) offers a multitude of great features aimed at building a flexible and multifaceted dividend yield and reward system for participants without compromising the sustainability or security of the ecosystem and combines this with smart design, creativity, and organic growth.

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About Monsta Party

With Monsta Party NFTs you will earn Party XP (PXP), level up your own algorithmically generated NFTs and compete with others for the hottest spots on the dance floor as you climb the leaderboards to earn the sweetest buffet rewards! With over a million possible combinations, the Monsta Party NFT collection includes 150+ custom properties (e.g. headpieces, glasses, hairstyles, accessories, clothing, etc.), 20+ super rare NFTs and about 10 animated deluxe traits!

Everything is handmade and designed with crazy love by our incredibly talented Monsta designers! What is a great Monsta Party without fresh and funky looking Monstas!

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