Eternal Cake Lottery — It could be YOU!

Posted by: MonstaCorp on January 27, 2022

Ok Monstas, here’s something for ALL you loyal & active Diamond Claw NFT holders to sink your teeth into!

Our newest protocol feature is the first of not one, but two lotteries!

#1 — The Eternal CAKE Lottery!

How it Works

  • Active Diamond Claw NFT holders can mint their lottery ticket(s) NFT via the new lotto section in the app (Minting to start soon, check our Twitter, Telegram, or Discord for an announcement and countdown timer)
  • Tickets can also be bought and sold via our verified listing on NFT marketplace provider tofuNFT.
  • Wait for the lottery numbers to be drawn every 72 hours (3 days).
  • Check the app to see if you’ve won. If you have a winning ticket, you have 60 hours (2.5 days) to claim your prize.
  • If no one has the winning ticket, OR, no one claims their prize (if they won), the $CAKE is added to the prize pot for the next draw.
  • CAKE can be donated to this address by anyone at any time to fill the prize pot additionally.
  • Drawings will also be forwarded to our official alerting channels on Telegram and Twitter.

There is a 1 in 10 chance that someone wins the lottery each draw!

As per the lottery name, your ticket is eternal and has no expiry. Once you have a ticket you can use it forever to win $CAKE — you do not need the active Diamond Claw for the lottery ticket to function. The process is simple… You don’t have to do anything but check the drawn lottery numbers every 3 days, and claim your prize if you have a winning ticket!


All Active Diamond Claw NFT holders are eligible to mint Eternal CAKE Lottery tickets from the Cake Monster App when we go live (We’ll make an announcement on our Twitter and Telegram/Discord when it’s live).

NOTE: Tickets can also be bought/sold on our NFT Marketplace provider tofuNFT

The mint rules are as follows:

  1. Lottery Tickets can only be minted once per wallet.
  2. An active Diamond Claw NFT can only be used once for minting a ticket or bulk of tickets.
  3. The highest active Diamond Claw Level in your wallet will be used to mint tickets.
  4. If you have multiple Diamond Claw NFTs and you want to use them to claim tickets, you’ll need to send any unused NFTs to new wallets and activate them first.

If you don’t have a Diamond Claw NFT, buy an unused one here and make sure you have enough $MONSTA to activate it.

If you have a Diamond Claw that you don’t want to activate

Ticket Mints
All Diamond Claw NFTs used to claim Lottery Tickets have to be ‘active’.

  • 1 Ticket: Diamond Claw Level 1
  • 2 Tickets: Diamond Claw Level 2
  • 3 Tickets: Diamond Claw Level 3
  • 4 Tickets: Diamond Claw Level 4
  • 5 Tickets: Diamond Claw Level 5

Ticket Minting Cap

  • Eternal CAKE Lottery Ticket minting is hard capped at 8000.
Active DC Holders will be able to Mint their tickets from the CM App as shown above

Once you have a lottery ticket NFT, you have it for life. You just HODL it and check the winning numbers. Lottery ticket NFTs can also be bought and sold on the tofuNFT marketplace!


FYI: Depending on supply and demand, additional tickets may be created by the Cake Monster team and sold on the market. Any funds from these sales will go directly to paying staff and marketing.

The Lottery Prize Pot

“So where does the $CAKE prize come from?”

It comes from two places:

  1. The unclaimed dividends from Active Level 5 Diamond Claw holders.
  2. 5% of the $CAKE bought via iTax transactions from Inactive Wallets (pending successful community vote)

These two sources combined will give us an impressive prize pot! It can also likely be assumed that some lottery draws will not be won or claimed by anyone, further adding to future pots.

Currently, we tend to see an average of 20–25 $CAKE unclaimed from the Level 5 Diamond Claw holders every 3 days.

$CAKE from the iTax transactions can fluctuate a lot, but based on historical data, we could quite easily see an extra 100 $CAKE per day added to the prize pot! 🤑

Clearly the prize pot could get exceptionally large. Assuming the above numbers, if the lottery had no winner for 10 draws we’d see a pot of:

(22.5 $CAKE * 10 draws) + ( 100 $CAKE * 30 days) = 3225 $CAKE!!

Keep in mind that this prize pot can also increase as:

  • The DC5 dividends increase due to the Gravity Vault getting bigger.
  • The price of $MONSTA is mooning, and thus buying more $CAKE via protocol transactions.

So… Having one of these ETERNAL lottery tickets is a great idea as the benefits will only get more lucrative with time.

Having multiple is even better, so better get your Diamond Claw NFTs ready or hope for lucrative NFT market offers! 😉

The Vote

As mentioned earlier in the article, we’re proposing that 5% of the CAKE purchased via iTax transactions be used to add to the Eternal Cake Prize Pot. As an example, if 100 CAKE is bought from an iTax transaction, 5 CAKE (5%) would go to the lotto prize pot and 95 CAKE would go to the Gravity Vault.

Read more and place your vote via the snapshot below:

👉 Vote Here 👈

Lottery #2

Lottery #1 is only the first. Hot on its heels will be Lottery #2.

Lottery #2 will have a totally different ticketing system and prize structure and will be open for all.

More on this later!

But for now, are you feelin’ lucky, punk? If so, keep your eyes peeled for when the ticket claim period opens and snag your Eternal CAKE Lottery tickets.

Don’t miss out. COMING SOON™.

Remember, it could be YOU!

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